What rapper 50 Cent and Boxer Floyd Mayweather’s beef taught us about finances

loyd fifity cents  It’s been in the news that rapper 50 Cent and Boxing Champ Floyd Mayweather, Jr. are beefing. (That means at odds with one another for those unfamiliar with the term).

It seems it goes back to a year or so ago, when rapper T.I. had a skirmish with Floyd in a famous eatery in Vegas over Tip “T.I.” Harris’ wife at the time-Tameka “Tiny” Cottle of R&B, reality show fame. As of late, 50 cent made it public during interviews and on video challenging Floyd’s ability to read, claiming the boxer is illiterate.

Trivial, isn’t it? Childish even. In light of what’s going on in the world, we would have to agree. However, here at Banksloveme, we believe there are lessons to be learned from everything.

With the beef between 50 Cent and Mayweather, there’s a lot to learn from the situation.

Things like:

#1: These Banks ain’t loyal. 50 claims publicly that fellow rapper Nelly (the guy known for the “fashion band-aid” under one eye and running a debit card through the rear end of a gyrating video vixen in one of his videos) had “f**^%” three of Floyd’s women.

In the same way, your bank has committed infidelities against you. As 50 Cent would put it, your bank is “f*&%ng” your money.  That money you’re lending to them by having a bank account is being penetrated every month in one way or another. And like it or not, your bank is running that credit card straight down our “back crack”. The “3 women” our bank is screwing may be minimum balance fees this month, next month overdraft, and the month after that, transfer fees. But one thing remains the same: you’re getting ‘turned out” at every turn.

#2: Whoever has the biggest ego wins. You’ve got two successful entertainers. Both 50 Cent and Mayweather have clout in their own right. Social media is ablaze with response vlogs from both men showing off their luxury cars in a “Mine is bigger and better than yours” taunt-fest. Spectators will undoubtedly take sides with differing opinions. But this beef that they have will only be won by the last ego standing.

Understand that you and your bank are BOTH powerful entities with a similar score to settle. You may not feel very “big and bad” when you think of these big and bad banks with their global presence and unholy alliance with our government.  But you and I have power. Yes we do. Untapped power.

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In our blog “Why You Haven’t Switched to a Small/Regional Bank” we get honest about why most of us stay with our bank despite being swindled.  We feel small. We feel insignificant. And even more, we feel powerless, out of options..

As an empowered customer, you have options to take your money (and essentially your business) somewhere else. Once you realize your worth, you can face your bank with the swagger of a 50 cent or a Floyd Mayweather. Remember, the Banks are not doing you a favor—except for having a place to deposit and move your money electronically through venues like Paypal or Popmoney.  Plus they hold large amounts of dividends that won’t fit under your mattress. Unlike most customer-consumer relationships, the banker-customer relationship is symbiotic. Your money keeps them in business. And so it’s OUR business to make sure we’re acting like it. We don’t have to accept shady policies and scandalous fees. Just like 50 and May, don’t back down. Remember, the biggest ego wins.

One of 50 Cent’s “beefing” vids toward Floyd:


#3: Put ‘em on blast. 50 Cent and Mayweather have no qualms about putting each other’s personal business on front street—including Nelly’s “dealings” with Mayweather’s ladies and so forth. With our banks, the same applies. At banksloveme.com, we consider ourselves a flagship of sorts to banking customer empowerment. We believe in Main street putting Wall street on Front street. That includes our banksloveme tv channel and upcoming contests we offer for new bank account customers. Our voices need to be heard on how our Banks treat us and when new opportunities arise, to take them and not settle for the status quo.

Yes, there’s a lot to learn from the guys that make it “rain in the club”. Empower yourself and “make it rain” in your own bank account today. Visit our page banksloveme.com to find an alternate bank you can take advantage of… fora change.

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