The Path To Real Money

beleive in yourself

Before starting, let me first say that in my world there are 3 kinds of Money. I write Money in CAPS because Money is the most important thing to everyone in the United States. Many will disagree & say it is not the most important thing, however, I will be addressing that argument another time as today I want to focus on the 3 kinds of Money.

The first kind of money is Temporary Money, the second type is Real Money, the third type is Insane Money. Since the moment I can sing my ABC’s at the tender age of 4 years old my dad had me playing music on the streets of New York City and in the NYC subway stations for what I call Temporary Money. It’s Temporary because it’s here today in our guitar bag & gone tomorrow to pay the bills & the bartender for the drink at the bar. Everyone who lives pay check to pay check is familiar with this kind of money. There are never advertisements on the internet on how to make this kind of money. Temporary Money is a rough estimate of $0-$60,000 a year depending on how many dependents you have & the living expenses associated with your city.

The second type of money is Real Money. It’s Real because even if you go on vacation to Jamaica twice a year & have a LOUIS VUITTON bag toting wife, you still have enough money left over to save 10′s of thousands of dollars that year unless your an alcoholic, drug addict, or hand it over to her or your family whenever they ask for it. Real Money is a rough estimate of $60,001-$200,000 a year.

The third type of money is Insane Money. It’s insane because you have to be either a little insane or insanely lucky to make this kind of money. To be a professional athlete or a district manager at a bank you have to be insanely dedicated & if you win the lottery you have to beat insane odds. A rough estimate of insane money is $200,001 a year.

Growing up in Brooklyn in the early 80′s, we were so broke my family thought that people who could afford sugar and Kool-Aid were rich. As a result, my mom said that if I go to school to become a scientist that I would make $50,000 & would therefore become rich. Fast forward to 2004 & I’m a married 21 year old college graduate with no savings account, student loan debt & quickly growing credit card debt. I get hired for 30 different jobs usually leaving each job the next day for a job that paid more just so that I could survive. Having 30 jobs makes for some interesting stories which I’ll share in later pieces. Having 30 different jobs more importantly lead me to understanding The Real Path To Real Money.

As a recently fired married 23 year old I found myself asking business owners for their Consolidated Edison energy bills so I can switch them from Con Edison to an ESCO (energy service company) 1 minute after meeting them. It was fun, my wage was minimum wage plus commission. Who would do such a job you ask? Literally, EX-Convicts & a recently fired & broke yours truly. As a side note, the ex-convicts were the best co-workers I’ve ever had & I’ve had some amazingly cool co-workers so that is saying a lot. Regardless, one day I walked into a tanning salon & the owner was a 30 year old man who told me he earned millions by being a stock broker. He said I might earn more money if I work around a lot of money. Since meeting him I refused to take any job that was not at a bank. So, I walked into a Chase bank & asked to speak with the branch manager. I told her I could outsell all of her personal bankers & in 1 week I was getting fingerprinted & was in a new hire orientation.

At Chase Bank, I made Real Money. The former stockbroker turned tanning salon owner with the $50,000 a month storefront was right. However, along my travels I have met many talented & less talented people making $100,000 plus in a wide array of industries. After careful analysis of the men & women I have met, I have come to the conclusion that an extreme amount of dedication in a short time period is the Real Path to Real Money. It’s not really a big secret, it just takes some sacrifice, a incredibly tiny bit of luck, & is easier said than done. Luckily for us it does not take as much sacrifice as making insane money.

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