Success Loves Me: Q&A with 2 Turn To Tech Students.


Earlier last week BanksLoveMe interviewed Deger & John, two Turn To Tech students, about their experience at the Turn To Tech web development school. Here’s how it went down.

Interview with Deger:
Q: How did you hear about Turn To Tech?
A: I heard about Turn to Tech from a hiring event. I met Hareesh, 1 of the founders & between every thing I learned I could not wait to join.
Q: What brought you into this field?
A: I was seeking a coding bootcamp & wanted to build projects, I didn’t know objective C & swift at the time, but I do have an industrial engineering background.
Q: How long have you been in the Turn To Tech program?
A: Four months. Right now I am in the Internship phase & I am enjoying that. I checked out the Flatiron school but it was not a classroom based environment. I feel unstructured is better & more hands on. Having some coding experience has helped me. My goal overall is to start my own consulting business that helps with digital marketing.
Q: Is there any project you’ve been working on that our readers can visit?
A: Yes, it’s

Interview with John:
Q: How did you hear about Turn To Tech?
A: I googled NYC bootcamps. Turn To Tech has a payment deferral program. Actually, tuition is not due until you’ve acquired a job. So, that’s a great advantage with Turn To Tech that they have a vested interest in your success.
Q: How long have you been in the Turn To Tech program?
A: Since early September at I’ve been here. It’s a difficult program but is definitely more rewarding. I Learned more in 2 weeks than in 2 weeks in college.
Q: What did you study in College?
A: I studied political science in college. With Turn To Tech the pace is quicker here & there are more tangibles. I am here 10am to 7pm every day & have more dedication than when I was having a class in the morning & then going back home to sleep.
Q: What is your experience in this field?
A: I have very limited experience. I have done some small projects on my own & spent some time on code academy.
Q: What did you do before this?
A: I worked as a paralegal, didn’t enjoy it all & then left the job on a Friday. The following Monday I started here. Before this I did some simple HTML websites, nothing complicated. I attempted to learn objective C but found it challenging. What Codeacademy offered was a step by step guide to a travel website that has css. I tried that.
Q: What are you looking to do after this?
A: I want to find a job I actually care about, a job I look forward to every day that provides value. I’d also love to have my own company, project or organization…. in that case I have to have the right idea first.

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