Story of the Week: Kanye West is a win win for traffic oriented websites

If it wasn’t for Kanye West I would not have heard about the grammy awards this year & would not have even had an interest. Instead, I kept my eyes & ears open for other articles related to the annual award show. It’s almost as if someone paid him or should have paid him to do what he did. In case you missed it, Kanye pulled a Kanye. What is a Kanye you ask? It’s going up during an awards show after someone has received their award for their music to cause a disturbance to represent the fact you disagree with the decision & feel that someone else should’ve won the award they won.

Well, Kanye, the New York Post said that your joke flopped this year. However, it did not, & the whole internet is making you famous making you more money & making themselves more money in the process. So everyone wins!

Kanye West grabs headlines & I’m rewarding him by doing business with him by posting this post.

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