NYC Bank of the Week: Charles Schwab for it’s Free Checking account


There are 100 banks in NYC competing for your business and offering checking accounts and savings accounts that make big banks shake in their boots. There are also hundreds of amazing credit unions. There are so many that all we at do is diss the big banks & give them nicknames. What does this mean to you? It means we’ll talk smack about the banks you already know who rip you off. We’ll even be offensive. Why are we the only banks “talk” website on the web doing this?

Because we’re not going after their advertising dollars.

whistle bird
We’re talking about Shitibank, oops, I meant Citibank bank.

QuickSander Bank, oops, I meant Satander Bank.

STD bank, oops I meant TD Bank….. Okay. We’re getting carried away. We actually like TD bank over here.

Any way, in honor of our new weekly post entitled “NY Bank of the Week” we nominate Charles Schwab Bank. Those who have heard of Charles Schwab probably are aware of it as a financial advisory firm.

The reason we have nominated Charles Schwab to start the “NY Bank of the Week” category is because it has the best checking account in the game.

It is Free.
There are no minimum balances.
It gives your every atm in the world Free.

On a different week we will evaluate their other banking and investment products.
However for this week, enjoy know this awesome account exists!

It’s called the Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking Account & you can read more about it at
From everyone at You’re welcome.

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