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Is achieving any dream really possible?


Today, I shared a famous meme on Twitter that says: “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them,” And, well, it got me to thinking... Is that really true? We hear it all the time—chase your dreams, no—follow your dreams—wait, make your dreams come true…or all of the above. Hence the question: Is ...

4 Things “They” don’t want you to know about being a Baller


  I was raised in a blue-collar, working class community where someone making 100,000 a year is considered a big deal. You say, I make “six figures” and the people around you ohh and ahhh. You flaunt it, you show your stuff. I mean, what good is being paid if you can’t make other people jealous, ...

Are You a Gambler or a Risk-Taker?


  Did you know that Gambling actually means something different than Risk? We know, sounds like we're splitting hairs. Gambling usually makes us think of a spinning roulette or chips stacked on a Blackjack table in Vegas and of course, that’s a gamble. After all, the chance of you losing is a big one. Which means Gambling is ...