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Where would your savings go if bank fees were non-existent?

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     In previous articles, we discussed the dilemma of unscrupulous bank fees that have been targeted at the average, everyday working man or woman (or anyone with a regular bank account for that matter). But what would you do if you didn't have to worry about these bank fees? Where would that "extra" money go? To ...

4 Ways to Save More Money than You’re Spending This Holiday Season

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The holidays are here—you feel it, everyone feels it.  It’s the invisible pressure to do things you normally wouldn’t do any other time of the year. There’s the inflated travel expenses of plane, train or automobile to go see family for Thanksgiving or Christmas-or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa-which for many turns out to be a seasonal overdose ...

How to Protect Yourself against Checking Account NSF fees

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    When talking to friends, family or professional colleagues, one of the biggest complaints I hear is “I don’t have any cash on me”. We can be out to lunch, about to pay the bill and the “breaking news” comes up during the “who’s got the check” dance. Not having cash sometimes leads to not ...