5 Lessons Twitter Teaches Us About Life

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I can’t speak for the rest of the Banksloveme.com team, but Twitter is by far my favorite social medium.  Admittedly, I was resistant to Twitter at first due to its sudden trendiness and short character writing. (I can only write 132 characters? Are you kidding me?)

I confess to being long-winded. But after a few months-and now a few years later-I’m all in. Twitter and social media has been criticized for lowering the IQ of the general public, but I’m a “glass half-full” kind of person who believes in looking for the diamonds amidst the coal.

All in all, Twitter has taught me a few things I think we all could benefit from life-wise.

Ready? Here goes:

Lesson #1: Get to the point. There’s an old saying about communications, such as “keep it short and sweet” and  ”less says more”. Twitter definitely agrees. Tweeting forces us to get to our point quickly.

So the life lesson here is that relationships between people would go so much better by leaving out all the filler words (like, basically, etc) and express clearly what you want to convey-be it in writing, verbally or with actions.

Lesson #2: Say what you mean. Once the words are out there, you can’t take them back. Try posting “Kill the [FILL IN GROUP HERE]” and follow it up with a post saying you’re just kidding. (How’d that go for ya?)

In the Twittersphere, what you say is available across the globe in a mere pressing of a button. What’s on there is on there-you can’t take it back. Even if you deleted it, it still went into rotation and onto some hashtag list or something. SOMEBODY saw it…so say what you mean and mean what you post online.

Lesson #3: Think before your speak. Again, what becomes digital is permanent, so think twice before posting without thinking. The same goes with life and relationships. Not thinking before speaking can cost you a relationship, a job, an opportunity-or even your life- so don’t act (or react) emotionally without considering the other person and the consequences.

Lesson #4: Put everything into context. Hey,, we’re all human. Sometimes people go on Twitter rants. Other times they post a seemingly crude or politically incorrect joke. A person has a bad day or a great one.

The Twitter lesson is to never make snap judgments by one comment or one post. Connect all the dots before coming to a conclusion about a person or a situation.

Lesson #5: Look beyond the surface. Just like in real life, people are putting their best foot forward on social media to create a good first impression. Don’t get it wrong- first impressions should be positive, it’s just that it can be problematic if you base your dealings with that person solely on first impressions instead of taking the time to get to know them more holistically.  Their best pics are posted and let’s face it- in still shots, their life looks a lot better than it probably is. The same goes in life. Don’t settle for shallowness.


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